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Our Products

The products distributed by STARFOL Plusz Kft. meet the most modern packaging technology requirements. Our range of products includes films, pouches, plastic and aluminium trays, casings, packaging materials, cardboard boxes and hygiene products. Dealing with a wide range of packaging materials, we mainly focus on food packaging, including special packaging materials for meat and dairy products.


Our Services

We provide expertise to ensure our customers to make the most favourable decisions by taking into account environmental and economic considerations.


Wide range of packaging materials

Our range of products has been carefully designed to meet the most common needs of food packaging. Please contact our sales department for more information.


Customer service

We are ready to promptly assist you with your packaging needs.


Professional consultancy

Drawing on decades of experience, we consult with our partners to help them choose the most modern and economical type of packaging materials to meet their specific needs.


Packaging design

We place a great emphasis on the design of packaging materials in line with customer and market specificities.
In our experience, the most successful projects are implemented in close collaboration with the user, from the design phase all the way to the finished product.



We provide warehousing and track blanket orders for our contracted partners upon request.



We ensure that your orders are delivered safely in the shortest possible time.

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

Our products are made from environmentally-friendly, compostable, 100% biodegradable and sustainable materials. They are designed with the highest quality in mind, while striving for economical solutions; as well as aesthetically pleasing and clean designs. YAMA, our own brand offering an exclusive range of products, aims to contribute towards preserving the environment and shaping consumer behaviour.

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions
Added value

Added value

We also strive to set and achieve goals that go beyond the world of work: we support activities, programmes and events that bring value to the people around us. According to our approach, this is the key to the future and guarantees progress.

We believe that by following these principles, albeit in small steps, we can contribute towards a more liveable world that serves people.